Phase 2 (2019-2023)

HiCIBaS-II team:
  • Ophélie Légaré (Optical payload)
  • Koichi Watanabe-Brouillette (Control and communication, EMCCD Camera for Space Situational Awareness, support)
  • Valentina Pieters (Power repartition and electronics)
  • Émile Tremblay-Antoine (Tip-tilt miror integration and test)
  • Philippe Truchon (Control and command)
  • Antoine Veillette (EMCCD algorithms)
  • Mykola Posternak (Tip-tilt mirror caracterisation)
  • Christopher Bouillon (Electrical systems)
  • Alice Vroubel (Payload structure)
  • Philippe Voyer (Optomechanical design)
  • Nikolas Darlas (Communications and software)
  • Jérôme Gelé (Motor testing)
  • François Ouellet (Telescope mechanics)
  • Guillaume Allain (Optical payload, support)
  • Denis Brousseau, PhD (Optical payload, support)
  • Jonathan St-Antoine, MSc (Software)
  • Anne-Sophie Poulin-Girard, PhD (System scientist and project manager)
  • Prof. Simon Thibault (Principal investigator)
  • Phase 1 (2015-2018)

    HiCIBaS-I team (from left to right):
  • Denis Brousseau PhD (Research Scientist)
  • Olivier Côté (Telescope pointing)
  • Prof. Simon Thibault (Project Manager)
  • Deven Patel (Structures)
  • Guillaume Allain (Low order wavefront sensor)
  • Mireille Ouellet (High contrast coronagraph and adaptive optics)
  • Cédric Vallée (Communications, software and data reduction)