Publications and scientific communications

G. Allain, D. Brousseau, S. Thibault, C. Vallée, M. Ouellet, J.-P. Véran, O. Daigle, and O. A. Martin , "First on-sky results, performance and future of the HiCIBaS - LOWFS", Proc. SPIE 10703, 107035T (2018).

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O. Côté et. al., "A precursor mission to high contrast imaging balloon system", Proc. SPIE 10702, 1070248 (2018).

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G. Allain, D. Brousseau, S. Thibault and J.-P. Véran, "The use of an axicon beam-shaping element in non-modulated pyramid wavefront sensors", Proc. AO4ELT5 (2017).

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G. Allain, D. Brousseau, O. Côté, M.-P. Lord, S. Ouahbi, M. Ouellet, D. Patel, S. Thibault and C. Vallée, "Projet HiCIBaS - High-Contrast Imaging Balloon Sustem", COPL day (2017).

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D. Brousseau, G. Allain, S. Thibault, and J.-P. Véran, "An achromatic low-order wavefront sensor", Proc. SPIE 9909, 99096I (2016).

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